Who  am I ?

  As a qualified musician I use my   work   and experience   within piano playing,   conducting   and band leading in  order to   make   musical projects with professional musicians from Poland, United Kingdom,  and  United States.  I graduated   Academy of Music in Krakow in prof.  Radwan class. As a pianist, I studied under the guidance of prof. Dan Larkin (Berklee College of Music), prof. Allyn Johnson(UDC), also under direction of  Jason Thompson (UK), Howard Francis (UK).

 He has given concerts in Poland, Denmark, Germany, and the United States, contributing to concerts with choirs and artists from the Polish, the United Kingdom, Denmark, Latvia and the United States. In the years 2005-2011 the music director and conductor of the choir of Krakow - Cracow Gospel Choir, which regularly toured the country and abroad, contributing two CD projects including "All because of Jesus" 2010.  From 2010 - 2012 worked for Krakow University as an assistant of prof. W. Siedlik. Collaborated several times with the choir New Revelation from London, with whom he toured in 2011. As a pianist, worked with Wayne Ellington (UK), Karen Gibson (UK) Peter Francis (UK), Nicky Brown(UK), Colin Vasel (UK), Norris Garner (USA), Gerald T.Smith (USA), Phillip Carter (USA), Michelle John (UK), Mark Beswick (UK), Brain Fentress (USA), Cleas Wegener (DK). Ruth Waldron(UK). Actually he works for Krakow gospel choirs: Soul'nVoices.


My "artistic credo"


  My artistic message is connected mostly with all the things and values which refere to my faith and spirituality. This are the root of my human beeing and musical inspiration. As long as I live I want to spread (by my music and my skils) the truth of life which source is my relationchip with God.

My music!

   As a  pianist and conducter I do produce and record my own pieces. My music is deeply inspired by clasical and noetonal XX century music. The biggest influence for my music is followed by composition of  I. Strawiński and   W. Lutosławski. Also B. Evans and Ch. Mingus - in case of orchestration and arrangment. My subject is to use clasical melody, harmony, instrumentation and formal structures in order to create an interesting music in diffrent styles including new contemporary music. In this range I compose also Gospel&Worship music based mostly on blues and jazz varietis. An examples of my most significent pieces  are stored on my website ---



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